Why Books?

Why Books?

Growing up, I discovered a love for reading around 4th grade.

I had this teacher who really encouraged us to read.

She set up a reading tracker for us in the classroom.

For each book we read, we would get a sticker for so many number of pages in the book.

When we reached a certain goalposts, she'd give us some type of reward.

Funnily enough, I don't remember any of the rewards, I just remember how it got me started.

But, the thing is, the rewards didn't drive me after a while.

Reading ignited my imagination, and, for an introvert like me, it was heaven.

I vividly remember reading about Narnia and the Wizarding World and Middle Earth.

Or walking the Canadian wilderness with a young boy.

Or the musty smells of a red box car.

Books have always created a wonderful world of vivid sights and sounds in my head.

They are where I draw inspiration from for my colors.

I hope they inspire you too.
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