Introducing "Moondust"

Introducing "Moondust"

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

With those famous words, Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon and his footstep is permanently marked in the moon dust.

I'm sure it's everywhere on the moon 😅

But, did you know that moon dust is actually called "regolith"?


It's basically all the broken and left over pieces of rock that covers the surface of the moon.

Those pieces are so fine that it looks like a powdery dust, hence the name...well...dust.

And it's also this dust that gives the moon its reflective qualities.

When we look at the moon from earth, we are seeing the reflection of the suns light off of the dust that covers the entire moon.

Neat little facts right?

But, I have a little issue with the term 'regolith': it's boring, stale, too scientific.

Instead I prefer the term moondust, which happens to be the name of my latest color!

Moondust is a very silvery neutral, kind of an off white or grey.

I love it for that, because sometimes white can be too stark.

But with this silver, you can add a touch of elegance to any of your projects.

Are you working on a sweater for your husband?

Then try adding a couple rows of Moondust to add that pop it needs!

What about a scarf?

Use some of Moondust to create a beautiful striped appearance!

Because it's a neutral it can go with any color you choose.

So, what're you doing?

Buy yours today!

And don't forget to share whatever you make using #redtruckfiberco

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