Introducing "French Blue"

Introducing "French Blue"

One of my favorite classics is "The Count of Monte Cristo".

And I wanted to try to create a color that represented the entire book.

I wracked my brain for a really long time to figure it out and had a really hard time of it.

But, then it hit me.

There's this flag I saw a while ago that was a field of light blue with fleur-de-lis on it and it was the emblem of the French monarchy.

Since "The Count of Monte Cristo" takes place during the French restoration, I thought it would be a perfect color.

I went through a bunch of iterations and settled on this color.

Allow me to introduce you to: "French Blue".

In really, this color is not actually the blue that's on the flag, that color is a darker blue.

But, I decided to stick with it because...well...I really like the color.

So, here it is, my take on French Blue.

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