Introducing "Fangorn"

Introducing "Fangorn"

Middle Earth is know for its vast, diverse landscapes.

And the one that comes to mind first for many people is the forest.

Each forest plays a significant role in all of the stories that come from Middle Earth, and they are described in such vivid detail that readers are transported into the heart of the woods.

To me, Fangorn Forest stands out as a particularly unique and mysterious place.

It's different from Mirkwood and the Old Forest for many reasons, not the least of which is the Ents and Huorns.

But, to me, it feels more inviting, despite its dark and mysterious aspects and as long as you aren't carrying an axe.

And it is with great pleasure that I would like to introduce this color, inspired by the forests of Middle Earth: Fangorn.

It is a blending of different shades of green, representing the diversity of the forest.

You'll see dark green, which is the deeper areas of the forest, where light has a hard time penetrating the forests mysteries.

Then there's lighter greens, the safer areas, where one can explore safely without worrying about having a run in with a nasty Huorn.

Just think of the kinds of things you can make with this color!

How about a pair of mittens to keep your little forest explorer warm?

Or, a nice shawl for your niece?

Or, let's go really big and make a beautiful knit blanket your mother would love to have on her couch!

Fangorn is the perfect way to bring a piece of Middle Earth into your home.

Order yours now!

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