Introducing "Darkside of the Moon"

Introducing "Darkside of the Moon"

My first introduction to "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" was during my freshman year of high school.

Growing up, my dad and I spent a lot of time listening toaudiobooks and radio dramas in the car, and one day he picked up an audio version of the book for us to listen to.

I was immediately drawn in by the idea of a supercomputer that could tell jokes, and was fascinated by the idea of a machine learning to understand humor.

However, as the story developed, I became increasingly captivated by the political intrigue and the Loonies' struggle for independence from Earth.

One of the most long lasting ideas from the novel was its philosophy of TANSTAAFL (there ain't no such thing as a free lunch), which had a profound impact on my own life.

It taught me that everything in life comes with a cost and that hard work and dedication are necessary in order to achieve success.

Listening to "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" with my dad is one of those special memories for me, as it brought us closer together and allowed him to impart some of his wisdom in a way that he might not have been able to otherwise.

We still talk about the book and the impact it had on both of our lives.

Today, I am excited to introduce you to "Darkside of the Moon," a new color from Red Truck Fiber Co's yarn permanent collection.

This color is inspired by "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress," and is just as mysterious as the far side of the Moon itself.

With shades of black, purple, and even hints of brown, this yarn is perfect for creating cozy winter sweaters, beanies for your loved ones, or even warm socks to keep their feet toasty on cold winter nights.

Don't wait, order your skein of "Darkside of the Moon" now!

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