Introducing "Carnival"

Introducing "Carnival"

We all have our favorite scenes in books and I think my favorite scene in The Count of Monte Cristo is when Albert de Morcerf meets the Count in Rome during Carnival.

The series of adventures Albert has, with the Count looming over all of them, appeals to the young man in me.

Exploring Rome, the parties, the escape from bandits, the execution, all of it is so exciting and a bit mysterious.

Who is this Count?

What happened to Edmund Dantes?

Is the Count Edmund?

These are the questions we, the readers, ask ourselves as Albert explores Rome, because up to this point the story has centered solely around Edmund.

What adds to the excitement is it takes place during Carnival.

Carnival takes place in the days leading up to Lent, it is a time in which people enjoy all that life has to offer because, traditionally, they would make a sacrifice or fast during Lent.

During Carnival, people would dress up, wearing masks to disguise who they were.

The masks were made in many different colors.

Purple, green, red, gold, black, white, etc.

And it is these colors that have inspired my latest color: Carnival!

I love the combination of red and gold, so Carnival is made up of those 2 colors.

This will create a very simple self-striping pattern...if you keep your rows short 😉

Anyway, I think these would be great as socks or maybe mittens!

Do you know someone in your life who loves The Count of Monte Cristo as much as I do?

Or maybe someone who loves Carnival?

I bet you they would love to have a pair of socks from you in this color to keep their feet warm.

Make sure you get yours today!

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