Introducing "Blue Within Blue"

Introducing "Blue Within Blue"

What is one thing that stands out the most from the book Dune?

The first thing that comes to mind is probably the desert.

Then maybe the Spice that is such a sought after substance.

But, there's something else that definitely stands out just as much as those two things: the eyes of Spice users.

It is a very distinctive characteristic of the people in Dune, particularly the Fremen.

Their eyes are described as being "blue within blue", because their irises are blue and the whites of their eyes have turned blue.

It's very interesting, right?

We definitely know a lot of substances can change the color of your eyes, but to have such a dramatic change?

But, I guess it makes sense.

In Dune, people who consume a large amount of Spice gain supernatural abilities and the color of the eyes really shows it to others.

It's a way to signify who has gained these supernatural abilities.

And such a unique coloration makes it all the more obvious, so much so that some characters have to wear contacts to hide how much Spice they've consumed!

Considering how powerful a signifier it is in the Dune universe, I just had to create a color based on the concept.

And so, I would like to introduce you to Blue-within-Blue.

This color mixes two very different blues: a cobalt blue and a teal.

I believe the irises would become a really dark blue, particularly if the coloring is a mixing of a persons natural eye color and a blue from the Spice.

Hence, the useage of cobalt.

As for the whites of the eyes, I think they would become a much lighter blue, because...well...the whites.

Doing this has created such a unique color.

In it you'll see these two specific colors, but then you'll see a blending of them, which means there are many different shades of blue within each skein.

I just love it and I think it'll make a wonderful scarf, what do you think?

Do you have a Dune lover in your life?

Wouldn't if be great to give them a piece of their favorite book?

Get yours today!

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